MAC OS X Technical Services


“We started working commercially with Apple’s MAC OS X operating system during 2005, specifically during 10.4, when the switch to Intel occurred. We’ve been thrilled with the platform and have continued to develop products and services since then.” … “We actively develop and support a number of MAC OS X A/V projects and device drivers, primarily our wildly popular HDPVRCapture application.” – Steven Toth


“Our skills range from debugging at the very lowest hardware level, IE. traditional bring-up of bare metal, extend up through driver development, continue via middleware and extend well into the user interface space.” – Steven Toth

Kernel Labs are comfortable developing solutions in any of the three traditional levels, bare metal drivers, middleware and user Interfaces.

  • Developing user-space USB and kernel PCIe MAC OS X device drivers for new video capture hardware, raw YUV 8/10bit or compressed video.
  • AVFoundation graphs and CoreMediaIO plugin integration, network streaming RTSP/RTMP/HLS, Digit Rights Management integrations (CableCard, AES, WM-DRM), A/V transcoding and trans-rating.
  • Attractive and modern user interface development, development through to production or rapid proof-of-concept projects.


  • The creation of CoreMediaIO virtual cameras with device driver or customer specific capture/streaming mechanisms, with flexible control APIs.
  • The creation of CoreAudio devices, supporting device driver capture or streaming network protocols with custom software decoding.
  • FaceTime LAN/WAN network automation, custom APIs for controlling application dialing, connection, video play-out and monitoring connection behavior.
  • FaceTime framework diagnostics, enhanced debugging, troubleshooting non-traditional use cases for automated calling workflows.
  • FaceTime support for multiple dynamic cameras, physical or virtual, in-call camera switching and advertising play-out infrastructure from static files.
  • Integration of libx264/libavcodec/ffmpeg frameworks for software encoding and decoding, integrated with CoreMediaIO camera drivers, for flexible commercial projects.
  • Extensively worked with HLS for delivering media to Apple and other platforms, from various backends. Adaptive bitrates, Encryption, Ad insertion. Generic play-out and play-back solutions on the major platforms. VOD and live streaming, low latency improvements relevant in the home security markets.
  • Building products suitable for wide deployment into retail/home or the comercial space, and the challenges of supporting continious development, test and roll-out.
  • Crashdump collection and analysis, bus analyzers, codec analysis and performance tuning in unusual play-back environments.
  • Rapid prototyping of iOS and Android players.