DekTec DTU-351 SDK for OSX


The Kernel Labs SDK for the DekTec DTU-351 allows for the deployment of the DTU-351 with desktops, servers, or datacenters.

The SDK is optimized for integration into existing applications that require HD compressed video capture without requiring rebuilding the Linux kernel or installing custom kernel drivers.

DekTek DTU-351


  • Full/unfiltered unrestricted access to every 10bit sample
  • Unfiltered Ancillary Data support, for custom audio or ANC applications
  • Support for all common resolutions/framerates
  • Support for multiple capture devices with a single server

Developer Features

  • Dynamic or static-linked library with C based API
  • Sample code included for common use cases
  • Command line tool to capture video (includes full source code)
  • Doxygen API documentation for all public interfaces
  • No external runtime dependencies other than libusb

Supported Distributions

  • Apple OSX 10.10 or earlier
  • Linux SDK also available

DekTek DTU-351

Supported Resolutions

  • 1080p/24
  • 1080p/25
  • 1080p/30
  • 1080i/50
  • 1080i/59.94
  • 1080i/60
  • 720p/30
  • 720p/50
  • 720p/59.94
  • 720p/60
  • SD resolutions available upon request

System Requirements

  • Intel x86 or x86/64 based Mac
  • USB 3.0 port (Does not work with USB 2.0 port)
  • OSX 10.10 and earlier


  • Currently shipping
  • Site licenses available
  • Redistribution license available

Contact Us

  • Email: sales [at] kernellabs [dot] com
  • Phone: +1.646.355.8490
  • Kernel Labs, Inc.
  • PO Box 745

  • St. James, NY 11780-2223

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