Kernel Labs TV Tuner Driver


The Kernel Labs TV Tuner driver is designed to provide a high-quality solution for existing TV tuner products. A specific emphasis is given on supporting commercial embedded applications including fitness equipment, healthcare solutions, and digital signage.

Leveraging our extensive experience writing Linux TV drivers (both open source drivers and commercial), the product seeks to take into account the specific needs of commercial organisations as opposed to casual end-user TV watching. Thus a focus has been placed on ease-of-installation, providing reliable and consistent builds, supporting multiple kernels/platforms, and actively working to ensure interoperability with the common media toolkits used by integrators to provide support for TV reception and display in their equipment.

Tools and integration services are available to ease the integration of any of the tuners into existing products.


  • Supported on Linux x86/x86-64 with kernels 3.2+
  • Support for over-the-air ATSC and ClearQAM 64/256
  • Support for analog NTSC closed captions (EIA-608)
  • Easy to compile against existing LinuxTV media_build trees
  • Technical support included in the license cost
  • Optimised for low digital tuning time, fast channel changing
  • Compliant with the V4L2 and Linux-DVB API specifications
  • Advanced statistics for signal quality and QAM constellation display

Application compatibility

  • tvtime (analog)
  • VLC (analog, digital)
  • Xine (digital)
  • LinuxTV command line tools (v4l2-ctl/azap/scan/w_scan)
  • gStreamer 0.10 and 1.0


Analog video capture:

  • Television standards: NTSC OTA and analog cable
  • Video format: YUV 4:2:2 UYVY uncompressed video (16bpp)
  • Video resolution: 720×480 pixels
  • Audio format: 48 KHz stereo PCM audio
  • VBI format: unsliced raw VBI waveform (720 samples/line)

Digital video capture:

  • Television standards: ATSC: 8VSB. Cable: QAM64, QAM256
  • Stream format: MPEG2 with AC3 audio
  • USB bandwidth: Maximum 19.2 Mbit/sec for ATSC, 38.4 Mbit/sec for QAM256

System Requirements

  • USB 2.0 port (for USB based products)
  • Full length miniPCIe slot (for MC878U product)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or higher (both x86 and x86-64 supported)


  • Currently shipping
  • Site licenses available
  • Per-unit licenses available

Supported Devices

For more information on supported devices, please see the supported devices table which is available to view on the desktop version of this page. Alternatively, you can download the pdf (link at the bottom of this page) which also contains this information.

Product HVR-955Q H837 HU419 MC878U H377
Vendor Hauppauge AVerMedia MaxMediaTek MaxMediaTek AVerMedia
Digital Standards ATSC  
NTSC Analog  
Physical Form Factor USB USB USB MiniPCIe MiniPCIe
Tuner Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Digital

Contact Us

  • Email: sales [at] kernellabs [dot] com
  • Phone: +1.646.355.8490
  • Kernel Labs, Inc.
  • PO Box 745

  • St. James, NY 11780-2223

Download PDF

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