Cyclical Recorder and Video Slicer


A suite of software tools to collect and manage continuous audio/video data storage, extract content and perform recording analysis.

Use Case

A popular use case for Archival, IPTV and Digital Signage customers is to encode audio/video content continuously to disk. Content is then later analyzed, re-encoded or otherwise repurposed as required, within minutes or seconds later. The reliable and timely archiving of video and audio material is a non-trivial activity.


  • The reliable and timely archiving of video and audio material continuously to disk
  • A fault tolerant circular recording buffer to help control available free disk space
  • Tools to extract specific time intervals for permanent offline storage
  • Tools to validate and securely detect unwanted damage to online and offline recorded material
  • Monitoring of the capture device performance in relation to buffer delivery over time. Any mishandled or dropped buffers inside the Linux driver, or other stream related issues related to video compression, firmware, silicon stability issues over time, buffer handling are noticeable by this software

Hardware Compatibility

  • Hauppauge Colossus PCIe HD Encoder card
  • Hauppauge HVR-2250 Dual TV Tuner
  • SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME (CableCard – Copy Freely Content)
  • SiliconDust HDHomeRun TECH3 (Enterprise / Commercial)
  • SiliconDust HDHomeRun (US / DT / CA / EU / AU / NZ)
  • Hauppauge HVR-4400 Satellite
  • Hauppauge WinTV-Starburst

Recording Compatibility

All recordings are made using the Broadcast Transport Packet standard ISO-13818-1, compatible with:

  • VLC, libvlc
  • GStreamer
  • MPlayer
  • Xine

Cyclical Recorder

Supported Linux distributions

  • Red Hat
  • Fedora
  • Ubuntu

System Requirements

  • Intel x86 32/64bit based PC
  • Supported Linux distribution


  • Currently shipping
  • Site licenses available, as well as per-board licensing
  • Redistribution license available
  • Sample recordings available on request

Contact Us

  • Email: sales [at] kernellabs [dot] com
  • Phone: +1.646.355.8490
  • Kernel Labs, Inc.
  • PO Box 745

  • St. James, NY 11780-2223

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