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A whole pile of HVR-950q fixes

I finally spent the day and gathered up all the various patches I had kicking around for the HVR-950q. They can be found here: http://git.kernellabs.com/?p=dheitmueller/cx23885_fixes.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/950q_fixes This includes the longstanding bug at startup that would cause the xc5000 to not properly bind on the digital side, a rather nasty case that hangs the analog video decoder… Read More

HVR-18×0 testing….

Ever wonder why it’s so common for somebody to check in a change to make some new product work, causing a regression in the tuner that *you* have? Well, here’s why: [lightbox title=”HVR-18×0 testing” href=”../../blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/cxboards1.jpg”][/lightbox] All these boards use the exact same driver, despite the fact that they have different core chips and only some… Read More

USB power analysis

Been doing some HVR-950q debugging for the last couple of weeks. Finally getting around to cleanup on some existing patches that haven’t gotten upstream, as well as investigating some new reliability problems. Out of concern that one of my problems might be power related, I dug up some hardware I hacked together about four years… Read More

ViewCast Osprey 260e/460e Linux Drivers

ViewCast Osprey 260e/460e Linux drivers – Released Today! Kernel Labs are pleased to announce for immediate download, the ViewCast¬†Osprey 260e/460e 32/64bit Linux compatible drivers. Over the next week or so we’ll prepare for patch merge into the mainstream LinuxTV repositories. Until then, feel free to download and install. Driver Features: GPL Licensed – Kernel compatible… Read More