About Kernel Labs

Kernel Labs Inc. is a United States based company founded in 2009, providing software engineering and consulting services to a wide range of clients, specializing in Linux, Apple OSX, audio / video related technologies for Display, Capture, Analysis, Broadcast, IPTV and Signage markets.


Our Core Skills:

  • Multi-platform digital audio and video, capture, storage, protection, streaming and manipulation.
  • Kernel / driver creation / modifications for new or existing USB/PCI/PCIe devices.
  • Hardware diagnostics, debugging and bring-up of embedded SOCs, logic analysers, bootloaders, security, NAND.
  • Operating Systems, kernels and complex embedded systems.

“Our strengths range from working directly at the hardware level, then move up the hardware and software stack directly into kernels, drivers, middleware generation, application SDKs, libraries and network access / streaming technologies.” – Steven Toth



“We have a proven track record including driver creation for new hardware products, modifying or enhancing existing drivers, backporting newer drivers to older kernels, debugging Kernel, driver, PCIe/USB buses devices. We offer Embedded/SOC hardware bring-up capabilities, bootloader development, DRM, DTCP/IP, HDMI, CableCard, HD/3G-SDI support and hardware transcoding are amongst many of our past projects, strengths and capabilities.” – Steven Toth



  • Clients across the United States and Europe.
  • In Television, Radio, Capture, Analysis, Broadcast, IPTV and Display / Signage markets.
  • Open or closed source, we can help with your needs.

“Our clients operate throughout the world capturing and analyzing a whole host of different analog and digital television audio/video standards, from raw high bandwidth uncompressed video ranging from 320×240 to 1080p60, or using advanced hardware compression drivers written specifically by Kernel Labs, to capture HD H.264 with Bitstream audio using near zero cpu.” – Steven Toth

“Our clients are companies requiring assistance integrating audio/video services into their products or workflow pipeline. Often using a mixture of Open and Closed source applications. Kernel Labs understands the complexities of software integration when interfacing proprietary intellectual property with traditional open source projects, such as VLC, ffmpeg or gStreamer.” – Steven Toth


Application Software:

  • In addition, we are also the author of the popular “HDPVRCapture” application which brings support for HD capture devices to the Apple OSX operating systems.
  • Linux, Windows, Mac video related debugging tools and services for diagnostic, monitoring, signal generation and production support.