HVR1800 about to get analog audio and VBI support

Things are ticking along nicely here at KernelLabs. The Linux Plumbers Conference 2009 took up most of last week and aside from my posting replies here in the blog threads it feels like I haven’t posted here in a very long time. So what’s new you ask?

From my perspective I took a look at Andy Wall’s HVR1850 patches over the weekend. Saturday was spent a regression testing those against the HVR1800. Aside from a minor hiccup requiring a new hardware detection patch I think the IR patches are in good shape. As always, we’ll know more as the testing expands. Kudos to Andy for running with the IR project.

I guess the big news is that the HVR1800 driver is about to get some renewed love and attention from me. Over the next week or two I’m going to add support for it’s analog audio and fix up it’s VBI capabilities. With any luck I may also have time to track down the MythTV encoder related issue, something that’s been in my todo list for a long time. You should expect to see some cx23885 tree’s in the KernelLabs repositories and perhaps a call for testers via the blog.

… In the mean time it’s on with the show.

26 thoughts on “HVR1800 about to get analog audio and VBI support

  1. First off: thanks for the work! I hope that the analog side will be fixed up by you. There really seems to be some demand.
    I have a question: How different from the 1800 is the 1850 with respect to the analog/digital tuners. I am aiming to find out whether the 1850 will be fully supported when the 1800 is…

  2. Steven,
    Thank you. Your work is greatly appreciated. I’m a linux newb, but I’ve got this card on a jaunty installation, and I’d be happy to see the analog side working. If there’s any testing I could do, please let me know.

  3. I have the card, and was disappointed when I found out that the audio in doesn’t work, and am glad to hear this will be resolved soon. Drop me a line for testing whenever you get the update together.

  4. Lars Boegild Thomsen

    If you were ever able to make this driver work for analogue (s-video) input on HVR-1200 I would love to help with any and all tests necessary.

    Where I live the only option for TV is a sat receiver and the best output that can deliver is s-video.

  5. Before anything else, let me say “thank you” for your efforts on making this card work. I look forward to the time when I can cross this off the list of hardware that is in my PC that I can’t use fully in Linux.

    Now, to the question: Is there anything I can do to assist you testing-wise? I have only analog and would love to have audio with it.

  6. Steven,

    just wondering how things are coming along. Also, I have been talking with a developer for tvheadend. The HVR-1800 is causing tvheadend to crash because it is not detecting a valid adapter type (DVB-S etc) do you know the exact type that the 1800 reports? He added a check for me to do this weekend but I was hoping you might know what the 1800 reports its dvb type as exactly. tvheadend supposedly supports all valid dvb types but the 1800 is causing problems for me. Thanks!

  7. Any chance to get the analog inputs working on the HVR 1700 as well? I’m willing to help out with testing/debugging. DVB-T is only of limited use to me, since there are too few free to air channels in my area. I’d really like to get the analog inputs working, and would not mind to do some development work myself provided someone can point me to examples and documentation…

  8. Hi Steve, have you done with vbi support. Could you please share the code with us. I can also help you with coding but I need document of cx23885. Do you have the document? Thanks a lot

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