SAA7164 – Releasing into

We’ve reached the end of a major milestone. SAA7164 is ready to be merged into the master LinuxTV repositories at For cleanup and ease of merging I’ve extracted all of the patches from saa7164-stable and created saa7164-merge. I’ve asked Mauro to review and merge at his earliest convenience.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the SAA7164 project. If you’ve donated, tested, written to me, complained, given me words of encouragement or simply reported bugs… thank you!

What’s next for the SAA7164 project? Once the merge is complete we’ll rebuild saa7164-stable and saa7164-dev trees so they reflect the very latest source form, meaning you’ll have the very latest patches for your all of your other TV tuner cards along with support for the SAA7164 based products. We’ll continue to maintain the SAA7164 driver here at so keep coming back for the latest news and updates.

Hmm. And after that? What about the Analog Encoder support? Stay tuned, keep reading the KernelLabs blog, the wheels of industry are beginning to turn. We hope to make an important announcement shortly.

Update: The tree was merged into today, Sep 17th 2009.

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  1. Are there any plans to get the onboard ir receiver and blaster on the hvr-2250 to work under Linux? I’m talking about the ones that connect to the board using the stereo mini plugs not the older usb type.

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