SAA7164 – HVR2250 – Not tuning above channel 91?

We’re looking to reports from two people that say they’re having issues tuning to channels 91 and above with the HVR2250 Model 88061 / C3F2.

Update: Patches for the issue are available in the saa7164-dev tree.

4 thoughts on “SAA7164 – HVR2250 – Not tuning above channel 91?

  1. I also have a problem with tuning high number channels, but with a different card. According to the message log its Hauppauge model 88021, rev C2F2, serial# 6209352

    I updated to saa7164-stable-803c9dd1e4f4 and encountered the tuning issues, so tried saa7164-dev-5ee26b5a44b4, but that also didn’t tune the channels correctly either. I have reverted to saa7164-timeout-fa1bcdf0e470 as the freqs concerned are NBC + CBS for me which account for 60% of my recordings which I can’t afford to miss.

  2. Not 100% sure – will pull down latest -dev branch and test. Might be next week before I get to it though – as am on vacation in a couple of days and don’t want to monkey with my currently working system…

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