PCTV 340e and em28xx VBI support

Did some more work on the PCTV 340e. After talking to Rainer over at PCTV as well as Patrick Boettcher, it seems pretty clear that this is some sort of issue related to the dib0700 not properly handling the xc4000’s clock stretching. Pretty annoying though, since the last dib0700 device I worked on required me to fix up the dib0700 i2c interface, and it seems like again the i2c master is going to need more fixes.

Also continued investigation into the situation with VBI support for em28xx. After confirming that neither Hauppauge WinTV 7 nor Pinnacle TVCenter Pro supported closed captioning, I finally installed the TV watching application that came with the ATI TV Wonder 600 and found out that it does have CC support. So at least I now have a working implementation under Windows to compare against. Whether it is using the sliced or raw VBI interface will likely dictate which I end up implementing for the Linux driver.

Issued a PULL request for the Geniatech patches this afternoon. So at least that regression should now be fixed.

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