Misc patches

I’m continuing to try to flush out my backlog of patches.

It turns up I missed a patch when I did the Terratec Cinergy T XS USB support, which resulted in the remote control not working. Setup a new tree and asked the user to test (since I’ve already sent back the hardware to the user I borrowed it from).


Also setup a tree with fixes for the Geniatech x8000 for a user I helped on the #linuxtv IRC channel a couple of weeks ago.


I started evaluating what would be required to get VBI support working in the em28xx driver. Discovered that apparently the HVR-950 doesn’t have VBI support even under Windows, which would make getting a USB trace a bit tricky (the WinTV 6 GUI says there is closed caption support but it doesn’t appear to work and a subsequent Google search turns up that it isn’t supported). Installing the Windows applications for the PCTV 800e and the ATI 600, one of which hopefully has CC support.

Started writing an extract script to create the firmware blob for the Micronas drx-d so I can finish the work for the HVR-900 R2 and the Pinnacle 330e. However, it turns up the format of the blob in the Hauppauge driver binary is not the same as the format chosen for the reverse engineered driver. So I will need to do some sort of conversion.

No work was done on the PCTV 340e tonight. Taking a bit of a break while I brainstorm on why I am still seeing i2c errors when attempting to set the video standard or tuning frequency.

All in all a relatively productive evening…

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  1. I suspect VBI _IS_ supported in the driver under windows, WinTV v6 isn’t the right tool to exercise it. You need to investigate graphedit.exe and manually build yourself a video playback graph. With Graphedit you can exercise all elements of the windows drivers at a very low level, ideal for the kind of thing you need to do.

  2. Certainly possible. I was just kind of surprised that WinTV6 offered me the option of enabling CC but it doesn’t actually work, and only when I did a Google search did I find out that it isn’t supported (there is no mention of it in any of the product documentation or any product FAQ).

    At this point I think the simpler approach would be just to try the other applications (such as for the PCTV or ATI version of the product). If I can find one that supports CC then I don’t have to dig into GraphEdit and attempt to figure out whether the underlying driver has the support.

    • Hello Pascal,

      The error you are seeing is because the repository in question no longer exists. The code was merged upstream, and therefore I removed my development tree.

      You should use the main v4l-dvb repository instead. See http://linuxtv.org/repo for instructions.



    • There is no need to use an experimental repo. You should be using the main repo, since everything has been merged: http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb.

      Generally speaking, you should never use a developer’s personal repositories unless they specifically tell you to, since they are often in an unknown state.


  3. hello devin,
    i tried just once to install v4l-dvb driver for my terratec hybrid t xs 005e but the install of all v4l driver crashed other driver of my terratec t stick 0093 install as module. so I ask you how can i install only the module of my 005e? make and the copy into the /lib/modules/uname -r/ where? and the depmod what?

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