CX23888 IR support (Round 2)

Some interesting news over the last couple of days related to the recent CX23885 IR posting. Andy Walls contacted us and said he’s willing to develop support for IR on the Conexant CX23888 silicon, namely the HVR-1850. Andy is well known for his work in the cx18 / HVR-1600 driver.

The CX23888 is a superset ‘big brother’ PCIe chip to the CX23885. While the CX23888 IR work will not be directly compatible with the CX23885 silicon, it’s being developed in such a was that it will be significantly easier to make IR work on the CX23885/7 based boards in the future. (Think HVR-1800, HVR-1500, HVR1700, HVR-12xx)

We’ve pulled a few favors and sent Andy some hardware.

Remember folks, he’s doing this work for free so please show your appreciation at every opportunity. I know we will.

Thank you Andy!

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