CX23885 IR Support

A handful of people have recently written asking for IR support on the cx23885 silicon. Either they’re asking for us to (#1) add direct support or (#2) they’re asking us to release the datasheet so they can perform the work themselves.

With regards to (#1), this is something I think we’d like to do – time permitting.

With regards to (#2), this isn’t something that we can share to be honest. Frankly, even if we could, other than naming the registers, the datasheet isn’t that helpful in a number of different areas when describing certain areas of the the 885 architecture.

It’s also interesting to note that the IR implementation on the cx23885 silicon is radically different to the implementation on the cx23887 and cx23888, which only complicates things further.

We hear your requests and we hear your message. If IR is something that interests you then add your thoughts here. Over time, if we see enough interest, we’ll review the priorities and adjust workloads accordingly to make this happen.

Edit: See here

6 thoughts on “CX23885 IR Support

  1. Jonathan Brandmeyer

    Just to say it in public (as one of the people that asked in private earlier), yes I’d like to have IR support for this chipset. I’ve got a card based on the chipset and I’m grateful for the OTA capture support. It would just be nice to have all of the hardware fully supported.

  2. Being that I would put myself in the #2 group (I have not regarding IR but I did
    regarding analog support for analog) I’d like to say…
    I understand your being bounded by some ND contracts, but could you at least
    consider inserting comments in the code to make it possible to understand it ?
    Broadening the support base is a good thing to do (TM) IMHO.

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