CableExplorer – Evaluation Software

For those of you who are Digital TV enthusiasts, and have access to a Silicondust HDHomeRun prime cable receiver, we’ve been developing an ‘explorer’ tool for sometime. The software works with OS-X only, although Linux and Windows would be easy enough for us to deliver in the future.

We’ve just published a free eval version, called CableExplorer. I suspect one of two of you may like to see it.

CableExplorer lets you probe your RF signal, look at your RF power across the entire plan, gather various stats about your cable signal and stream quality, CCI states etc, watch/monitor copy freely content, inspect cable-card PSIP data tables, dump the PSIP to disk, amongst a few other things.

Its a handy tool that we use internally on various commercial projects.

If you’re also an enthusiast – like me, you’ll probably get some benefit from it.

Its far from complete, so its still an evaluation. If you’re into this kind of thing then try it out, send it your thoughts.

Its free, we’re gathering feedback.

The download is here.