PCTV 340e Bootstrapping…

I was contacted by a developer in Italy who had already started work on an xc4000 driver and was nice enough to send me his code. It needs *alot* of work (in fact, it doesn’t work at all), but it’s a starting point.


Added an initial board profile for the 340e, and setup the GPIOs based on the information the vendor was kind enough to provide. I2C read operations to the xc4000 are failing, which I suspect is a problem with the xc4000 being still held in reset. As far as I can tell, there is no i2c gate on the board blocking access to the tuner (but I will confirm this tonight with my scope).

Initially I was thinking I would do the dvb-usb analog infrastructure first since that would allow me to test the xc4000 without a DVB-T signal. However, now that I have someone willing to do testing I think I am going to bootstrap the digital side of the board first, which should be faster since I won’t have to extend the whole dvb-usb framework.

I issued a PULL request for the Terratec Cinergy T XS board support yesterday. The mt352 version of the board is still outstanding and I need a new strategy for debugging the board since I haven’t been able to get access to a generator.

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