Terratec Cinergy T XS USB (zl10353) working

Well, the 59 emails exchanged with Terratec users finally paid off, at least for the version of the product that uses the zl10353. With the help of Simon Kenyon, who was nice enough to let me SSH into his environment for a few hours, I was able to identify the problem, which ended up being a misconfiguration of the i2c gate for this board. To make things more confusing, setting the i2c gate parameters on the zl10353 when there is no tuner behind the gate actually wedges the i2c bus. As a result, the xc3028 initialization and first tuning attempt would go through, but after the first call to close the gate gets all subsequent commands would get dropped.

If you’re a Terratec user and you have the version with the zl10353, feel free to try the following tree and provide feedback:


I’ll do some cleanup on the tree and issue a PULL request, and will continue trying to work through why the mt352 based board doesn’t work.

I also cooked up a remote control profile for the EVGA inDtube board, which I think officially brings that work to a close.

14 thoughts on “Terratec Cinergy T XS USB (zl10353) working

    • Oh wait, you said *compile*. Yeah, there is currently a problem compiling v4l-dvb under Karmic (having nothing to do with the em28xx driver or the Terratec device).

      To work around the issue, edit v4l/.config to and set the firedtv driver to “n” instead of “m”. Then try rebuilding.

  1. I edited .config however it still croaks as include/linux/firmware.h doesn’t define FIRMWARE_NAME_MAX

    make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/alex/v4l-dvb-terratec-xs/v4l/firmware’
    Kernel build directory is /lib/modules/2.6.31-2-generic/build
    make -C /lib/modules/2.6.31-2-generic/build SUBDIRS=/home/alex/v4l-dvb-terratec-xs/v4l modules
    make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.31-2-generic’
    CC [M] /home/alex/v4l-dvb-terratec-xs/v4l/tuner-xc2028.o
    /home/alex/v4l-dvb-terratec-xs/v4l/tuner-xc2028.c:55: error: ‘FIRMWARE_NAME_MAX’ undeclared here (not in a function)
    make[3]: *** [/home/alex/v4l-dvb-terratec-xs/v4l/tuner-xc2028.o] Error 1
    make[2]: *** [_module_/home/alex/v4l-dvb-terratec-xs/v4l] Error 2
    make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.31-2-generic’
    make[1]: *** [default] Error 2
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/alex/v4l-dvb-terratec-xs/v4l’
    make: *** [all] Error 2

    If I add:

    #define FIRMWARE_NAME_MAX 30

    to include/linux/firmware.h then it gets as far as:

    CC [M] /home/alex/v4l-dvb-terratec-xs/v4l/cx231xx-i2c.o
    /home/alex/v4l-dvb-terratec-xs/v4l/cx231xx-i2c.c:468: error: unknown field ‘client_register’ specified in initializer
    make[3]: *** [/home/alex/v4l-dvb-terratec-xs/v4l/cx231xx-i2c.o] Error 1
    make[2]: *** [_module_/home/alex/v4l-dvb-terratec-xs/v4l] Error 2
    make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.31-2-generic’
    make[1]: *** [default] Error 2
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/alex/v4l-dvb-terratec-xs/v4l’
    make: *** [all] Error 2

    Is it perhaps possible to just configure so that only the module I require is built?

  2. devin i would ask something. i have 3 terratec dvbt usb stick a terratec hybrid t xs (lsusb 005e probably zl10353 no fm and input for analogue) and 2 terratec t stick (lsusb 0093) : as the t-stick are not supported in v4l-dvb if i tri to install through make && sudo make install. could you help me?

    • Devin Heitmueller

      Hi Rob,

      Those devices run pretty hot to begin with. I suspect if you connected it to a WIndows system, you would see the same thermal behavior.


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