I was out of town for a few days last week, hence no updates during that period….

Fixes continue at a slow pace for the 950q analog support. A user pointed out problems with colorspace configuration when using the 950q with gstreamer. I spent most of Monday night debugging the issue, which I now believe is some unimplemented v4l ioctl() calls failing which result in gstreamer falling back to a default colorspace. Most people seem pretty happy now with the support since the xc5000 fixes went out.

Email continues back and forth with Terratec Cinergy T XS users as I add more and more debug code to try to debug the zl10353/mt352 lock problem. And the PCTV 340e arrived over the weekend, so I started looking at writing a driver for the Xceive xc4000.

I also prepped a patch last night for em28xx so that the /dev/audio1 device doesn’t get created for products that have no support at all for sending the audio over the USB (like the K-World 2800d which has uses an audio passthrough cable)

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