More Pinnacle 800i work

I spent most of last night attempting to get the xc5000 reset pin working on the Pinnacle 800i. Either I am not properly programming the GPIO registers to go low on the cx23883, or the reset isn’t actually tied to one of the GPIOs. Steve was nice enough to lend a hand over irc and offer some debugging tips, at least validating that I wasn’t doing something really stupid.

Tonight I guess I will break out an iron and try to put some traces on the board so I can use the logic analyzer. Because it’s a PCI board, using a scope isn’t really practical. This also means I will have to move a bunch of equipment around since the Windows box with my Salaea Logic isn’t anywhere near the Linux box I have with the Pinnacle 800i.

Per Steve’s suggestion, I’m also considering getting dscaler/regspy installed on one of my Windows boxes and trying to watch the traffic to see if I can spot the reset.

Unfortunately, because I had only originally planned to spend fifteen minutes on this, I didn’t get to anything else last night, such as the max packet size issue for em28xx isoc frames, working on the mt352 issue for the Terratec XS, or getting the xc5000 tree moved to

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