Elgato Game Capture HD Teardown

I noticed that Elgato recently launched their Game Capture HD USB2 HD encoder, Amazon link.

I finally got around to ordering a unit and it arrived today, I opened the box and “it just fell out and broke open”. I think I may have voided my warranty.

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Well, anyway, I thought you might like to see what hardware they’re using.


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Poor construction, I should ask for a refund.

Fujitshu Encoder: MB86H58A

CAT6612 HDMI Transmitter: Sheet

MStar MST3367CMK HDMI Receiver: ?

Techwell TW9910 SD Video Decoder + VBI: Sheet

Cirrus 53L21C Stereo Audio A2D: Sheet

Nuvotron NUC100 ARM Cortex A0, probably to manage the EDID HDMI passthrough: Sheet


4 thoughts on “Elgato Game Capture HD Teardown

  1. Is it just me? this looks like really long way to get to the hdmi connector.
    But what do I know, only 2nd year ee student.

    • As long as the trace lengths are matched, it shouldn’t cause a problem. That said, I share your surprise they didn’t locate the HDMI receiver chip closer to the connector.


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