w_scan: fix ATSC channel scan xine dump for 8VSB & 16VSB

Back in 2008, I added support for ATSC scanning to w_scan, supporting VSB (Terrestrial DTV) und QAM Annex-B (Digital Cable). My patch was merged into theĀ 20080815 release of w_scan. A few months later, the author / maintainer of w_scan added support for specifying a country code on the command line. In the process, he re-wrote a large portion of the code, and ended up breaking VSB support. The last working version of w_scan for ATSC users was the 20081106 release, which I have been using personally for the past few years.

I had the urge to take another look at w_scan last night. As it turns out, the breakage is quite simple: The application outputs its Xine channel dump in an invalid format. Instead of specifying “8VSB” (or “16VSB”) the application would output “VSB_8” (or “VSB_16”) needless to say, the fix was simple.

I still prefer the old version of w_scan, but the distros have already been packaging the newer releases. Once this fix gets merged into the upstream package, we can expect it to be grabbed by the distros, but if you’d like to use today’s w_scan for VSB, use this version here:


For those interested in the last known ATSC-supported release of w_scan before the breakage, it can be found here:


The official homepage of w_scan is located here:


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