Do you want a forum?

I’ve personally been very happy with the blog. Have you? Traffic and posts are rising and it’s a useful mechanism that allows the folk here at KernelLabs to communicate with you. The blog is also a mechanism that enables you to comment on the specific issues we’re raising. We like your feedback.

The blog is about news, announcements and basic communication.

For a long time we’ve considered opening up a dedicated forum to better focus the discussion and pick up where the blog falls short. Actually, a forum with many sub-forums for specific drivers, products and applications. This would channel the comments into dedicated topic areas and allow the community to interact on an equal level with each other as well as all of the folks here at KernelLabs. Do you need a better way to voice your comments? We’d like to give you the ability to post questions, suggestions or feature requests in a high focused way – that wouldn’t get lost in the noise of traditional mailing lists. Ideally you’d be able to help each other without being flooded with non-topic related posts.

A forum is about people communicating with each other.

Longterm we’d also like a wiki with a series of useful instructions related to drivers and TV. In fact, we’d like a whole host of other web applications but we have to balance our ability to manage and participate via the website, with our ability to actually get TV development work done.

If you value this website then please comment, let us know your thoughts.


– Steve

5 thoughts on “Do you want a forum?

  1. I don’t know. Personally, I like the setup as it is. We can communicate with you about SPECIFIC issues without a lot of unnecessary overhead, i.e. moderators, or a forum where topics tend to stray off-topic. I vote for retaining the blog and leaving the forum as a mere thought. 😉 Forums might work, but consider the additional time involved in such a project. Personally, I’d rather see you work on the drivers and a more generalized framework for video usable across numerous platforms including FreeBSD, etc. Linux is just one alternative to Microsoft’s operating systems.

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