Em28xx audio panic

I started working on the media controller stuff again, and was unfortunately sidetracked when I realized that any attempt to stream audio against my HVR-950 would cause the kernel to panic. Spent most of the evening chasing down the bug in the isoc handling code which would cause a page fault. Issued a PULL request for it tonight:


So if you happen to have an em28xx device and have been hitting kernel panics whenever you tried to listen to the audio, this should fix that issue.

On a separate note, I issued a PULL request last night implementing the saturation and hue controls for the HVR-950Q. Most people won’t care since the defaults are reasonable, but it gets rid of some errors that show up in the MythTV backend log, which is always a good thing.


The above tree also includes a unrelated fix suggested by Michael Krufky, which was that the xc5000 tuner should be explicitly returning failures on tuning attempts if the firmware was not found.

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