HVR-900 R2 and PCTV 330e support upstream

After sitting in a public KernelLabs tree for almost 13 months, I finally got around to merging the Micronas DRX-D driver upstream, so now DVB support for the PCTV 330e and HVR-900 R2 are in the upstream kernel (for 2.6.40). So if you’ve been using the KernelLabs HG tree (which required considerable modification to work… Read More

Call for testers: PCTV 74e Support

I finally got a chance to do some testing with the PCTV 74e, using the GPL reference driver that Abilis provided. I’m happy to report that at least our initial testing shows that it works out of the box! Testers are welcome to try the following hg tree: http://kernellabs.com/hg/~dheitmueller/v4l-dvb-as102 To build: hg clone http://kernellabs.com/hg/~dheitmueller/v4l-dvb-as102 cd… Read More

Building a MythTV box

I want to share an experience with you all, since everybody loves to watch a train wreck. As developers, we like to think that the state of the LinuxTV project is continuously improving. Then I have days like yesterday…. I wanted to build myself a MythTV box for personal use. Since my goal is to… Read More