mxl111sf / aero-m mercurial repo forward ported for Linux 3.x

For those wanting to test the mxl111sf driver for the WinTV-Aero-M but not willing to rebuild your kernel, there is good news for you! I have applied the minimal backports required to dvb-core and the dvb-usb framework to get the old mercurial repository building against Linux 3.x I had to disable all IR / remote stuff,… Read More

Call for Testers: HVR-1300, HVR-3000, HVR-4000 DVB-T tuning fix

For quite some time, there have been users complaining of DVB-T scanning problems using application such as MythTV or w_scan. Even stranger, they claimed that using /usr/bin/scan would indeed work as expected. For example, this Launchpad ticket has tracked the issue for almost two years: MythTV has a ticket tracking the issue too (although… Read More

HVR-900 R2 and PCTV 330e support upstream

After sitting in a public KernelLabs tree for almost 13 months, I finally got around to merging the Micronas DRX-D driver upstream, so now DVB support for the PCTV 330e and HVR-900 R2 are in the upstream kernel (for 2.6.40). So if you’ve been using the KernelLabs HG tree (which required considerable modification to work… Read More