HVR2200 Corrupt Image?

We’ve had a handful of reports cropping up related to HVR2200 model#89619 cards. With Ubuntu 12.04.1 the driver would attempt to load firmware from file NXP7164-2010-03-10.1.fw length 4019072 as defined in the saa7164-fw.c driver source. (Hint: it’s not really an Ubuntu error) Sep 13 07:50:56 dell kernel: [ 83.432854] saa7164_downloadimage() image corrupt Sep 13 07:50:56… Read More

HVR-950q Closed Captioning support

Hello all! If anyone is interested in closed captioning support for the HVR-950q, you can get it from the following tree: http://kernellabs.com/hg/~dheitmueller/v4l-dvb-950qvbi Unfortunately, the work exposed a bug in tvtime which prevented it from working, which I fixed here: http://kernellabs.com/hg/~dheitmueller/tvtime But it *is* working with zvbi-ntsc-cc out of the box. Comments welcome, as always. Next… Read More

Call for Testers: HVR-1600 Improvements

If you are an HVR-1600 user who has noticed the ClearQAM tuning performance under Linux was worse than under Windows, this should make you happy. As a result of the work described in the previous post, there is now a tree that contains the various fixes: http://www.kernellabs.com/hg/~dheitmueller/hvr-1600-perf-2 The goal is to submit this upstream, but… Read More

HVR-950Q and MythTV: Now working….

After three nights of debugging various issues, I now have the analog side of the HVR-950Q working properly with MythTV. Special thanks go out to Janne Grunau for promptly merging my patch providing UYVY support to MythTV: http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/22343/trunk I will be setting up a tree this weekend with the 950q fixes. In the end, we… Read More

Patch backlog

Finally getting caught up on a bunch of patches from various users I have been dealing with via email. Issued a PULL request tonight, which should make those people happy (as well as everyone else using the effected products) http://kernellabs.com/hg/~dheitmueller/misc-fixes3 On a personal note (but perhaps of interest to this crowd), I bought a new… Read More