USB power analysis

Been doing some HVR-950q debugging for the last couple of weeks. Finally getting around to cleanup on some existing patches that haven’t gotten upstream, as well as investigating some new reliability problems. Out of concern that one of my problems might be power related, I dug up some hardware I hacked together about four years… Read More

Michigan Users Group Talk

Last night I gave a talk about LinuxTV at the local Michigan!/usr/group. The slides can be found here: Slides for Michigan Users Group (PDF) The talk went quite well, and it’s always good to hear some feedback from the community as to what issues they are encountering (e.g. MythTV configuration, finding device firmware, debugging issues,… Read More

Em28xx video quality

I’m sure you have all seen the following on a channel in the middle of the night. It’s a set of colorbars. [lightbox title=”Em28xx video quality” href=”../../blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/tvtime-output-085940-PM-300×200.png”][/lightbox] The above colorbars were taken using KernelLabs’ analog generator, in conjunction with an em28xx based device. I had been bothered about the general picture quality on the em28xx… Read More

How Tuners Work…

For this blog post, I figured I would introduce you to the basics of tuner design. The goal is to give a high level overview of how these products are built, so you can better understand what is required to work on LinuxTV drivers. We’ll also introduce the key concepts and terminology so that when… Read More