HVR2200 Corrupt Image?

We’ve had a handful of reports cropping up related to HVR2200 model#89619 cards. With Ubuntu 12.04.1 the driver would attempt to load firmware from file NXP7164-2010-03-10.1.fw length 4019072 as defined in the saa7164-fw.c driver source. (Hint: it’s not really an Ubuntu error) Sep 13 07:50:56 dell kernel: [ 83.432854] saa7164_downloadimage() image corrupt Sep 13 07:50:56… Read More

Ready, or not?

Yesterday I spent most of the day testing the saa7164-stable tree on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) 64bit Desktop. In previous tests here, here, here and here everything largely went well on both ATSC/QAM and DVB-T, on our both 32 and 64bit platforms. The change history in the saa7164-stable repository shows that the tree hasn’t needed (or… Read More

SAA7164 Episode #2

I’m beginning to wonder what would happen if the deferred worker thread, responsible for dequeueing the DMA buffers after interrupt, and updating the device registers, got so far behind that the DMA buffers we’re finally trying to dequeue have wrapped and are currently in use again. Hmm, that would cause awkward things to happen and… Read More