State of WinTV-Aero-m & ATSC-MH support in Linux

As of the release of Linux Kernel 3.1, Hauppauge’s WinTV-Aero-m is fully supported for use with both ATSC and DVB-T, using the new MFE framework within dvb-usb to represent two frontends on a single DVB adapter. This makes the Aero-m the first semi-worldwide terrestrial digital television broadcast receiver to be supported under Linux. The device… Read More

ATSC signal strength patches

I’ve decided to post some patches that attempt to bring some consistency across the atsc demodulator drivers in the signal strength reporting mechanism. Signal strength is calculated as a percentage from SNR up to 35 dB. As indicated in the comments inside the drivers, “Even though the SNR can go higher than 35dB, there is some comfort factor in having a range of strong signals that can show at 100%”