TDA18271 standby modes & hybrid tuner configuration fixes

Until now, we’ve been leaving the slave tuner output and clock outputs of the TDA18271 tuner enabled at all times, even while in standby mode. I’ve added a new configuration option to describe which output features are allowed to be disabled when the device enters low power standby mode. I’ve also fixed a major issue that only affects hybrid analog / digital tuner devices. After these changes, the driver will check for non-default settings at the time of attach, and ensure that that the appropriate configuration is set.

TDA10048 thoughts

Yesterday I commented (link): “In an unrelated note I’ve also made more changes to the TDA10048 driver. Michael found a case where …” Background: Michael’s TDA18271 tuner driver supports multiple output frequencies in an effort to give slightly better noise protection (and thus performance improvements) to it’s attached demod. Theory being is that we can… Read More