Do you want a forum?

I’ve personally been very happy with the blog. Have you? Traffic and posts are rising and it’s a useful mechanism that allows the folk here at KernelLabs to communicate with you. The blog is also a mechanism that enables you to comment on the specific issues we’re raising. We like your feedback. The blog is… Read More

Linux Plumbers Roundup

The Linux Plumbers Conference in Portland wrapped up yesterday afternoon. Here are some highlights: KGDB Talk – a status update on kernel debugger support by Jason Wessel and Jesse Barnes. They discussed various issues with getting kgdb and kdb merged together into the upstream kernel. With the introduction of Kernel Mode Switching, you can now… Read More

Analog audio

In preparation for the Linux Plumber Conference next week, there has been considerable discussion about Hans Verkuil’s proposed Media Controller framework. If you only took a cursory read of the framework, you might wonder why you would care about any of this if you aren’t building embedded systems. However, there is actually a *very* real-world… Read More

Linux Plumbers Conference

I booked my trip to the Linux Plumbers Conference today: For those of you who were thinking of going but haven’t registered yet, the Early Bird Registration has been extended to August 5th, so there is still time to get the cheaper rate… It will be good to meet some of the LinuxTV developers,… Read More