Elgato Game Capture HD Teardown

I noticed that Elgato recently launched their Game Capture HD USB2 HD encoder, Amazon link. I finally got around to ordering a unit and it arrived today, I opened the box and “it just fell out and broke open”. I think I may have voided my warranty. [lightbox title=”Elgato Game Capture HD Teardown” href=”/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/IMG_2015.jpg”][/lightbox] Well,… Read More

HVR-900 R2 and PCTV 330e support upstream

After sitting in a public KernelLabs tree for almost 13 months, I finally got around to merging the Micronas DRX-D driver upstream, so now DVB support for the PCTV 330e and HVR-900 R2 are in the upstream kernel (for 2.6.40). So if you’ve been using the KernelLabs HG tree (which required considerable modification to work… Read More

HVR-950q Quality Fixes

Last month we started doing some quality work on the analog side of the HVR-950q. This resulted in a series of fixes which can be found here: http://www.kernellabs.com/hg/~dheitmueller/v4l-dvb-950q-final We found various issues related to the comb filter, the power management, and a particularly nasty problem with the frame alignment that was causing very jerky video… Read More

Hardware troubles

My mythTV Backedend is an Intel quad core 2.4 with 4GB of G.Skill RAM. A vanilla GigaByte motherboard in a fairly nice looking case with 2TB of disk. I use a pair of HVR-2250’s to record digital cable signals and I’m generally pretty happy with the whole solution – as is my family. For the… Read More

New analog signal generator

Our new (previously owned) analog signal generator arrived tonight (a Promax GV-698/11): [lightbox title=”New analog signal generator” href=”../../blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/CIMG0205.jpg”][/lightbox] Now, you might say “analog is dead” or “who cares about analog now that television has gone digital?” And the answer would seem to be “lots of people”. The reality is that as much as we like… Read More

LugRadio reborn?

If you have fond memories of the fabulous LugRadio podcast, like me, then you’ll be pleased to hear that my fellow country men Jono Bacon and Stuart Langridge have re-formed for a twice weekly audio podcast called… A Shot of Jaq. It’s a no-nonsenese look at todays Linux issues in a short and snappy 10… Read More