ViewCast Osprey 260e/460e Linux Drivers

ViewCast Osprey 260e/460e Linux drivers – Released Today! Kernel Labs are pleased to announce for immediate download, the ViewCast Osprey 260e/460e 32/64bit Linux compatible drivers. Over the next week or so we’ll prepare for patch merge into the mainstream LinuxTV repositories. Until then, feel free to download and install. Driver Features: GPL Licensed – Kernel compatible… Read More

ViewCast Osprey 820e Linux Drivers

ViewCast Osprey 820e Linux drivers – Released Today! Are you looking for a dual channel 1080p60 video capture card, with an open source Linux driver and GStreamer support right out of the box? Good news, look no further. Kernel Labs are pleased to announce for immediate download, the ViewCast Osprey 820e 32/64bit Linux compatible driver. Driver Features: GPL… Read More

Hardware troubles

My mythTV Backedend is an Intel quad core 2.4 with 4GB of G.Skill RAM. A vanilla GigaByte motherboard in a fairly nice looking case with 2TB of disk. I use a pair of HVR-2250’s to record digital cable signals and I’m generally pretty happy with the whole solution – as is my family. For the… Read More

LugRadio reborn?

If you have fond memories of the fabulous LugRadio podcast, like me, then you’ll be pleased to hear that my fellow country men Jono Bacon and Stuart Langridge have re-formed for a twice weekly audio podcast called… A Shot of Jaq. It’s a no-nonsenese look at todays Linux issues in a short and snappy 10… Read More

Do you want a forum?

I’ve personally been very happy with the blog. Have you? Traffic and posts are rising and it’s a useful mechanism that allows the folk here at KernelLabs to communicate with you. The blog is also a mechanism that enables you to comment on the specific issues we’re raising. We like your feedback. The blog is… Read More