Linux Services

Kernel Labs specializes in assisting companies seeking to integrate video capture solutions into Linux. We have worked in a variety of areas including:

  • Creation of Linux device drivers for new capture boards (HDMI/DVI/SDI/HD Component).
  • Making existing drivers perform properly on embedded platforms such as ARM, TI Davinci, Zenverge, Vixs, Broadcom and embedded x86 hosts.
  • Userland development for video encoding solutions such as HTTP Live or applications such as VLC and TVTime.

Apple OSX Development

We develop and support a number of OSX video related applications and device drivers, primarily for our wildly popular HDPVRCapture application. We have worked on projects in a variety of Apple video related areas including:

  • Creation of OSX device drivers for new video capture hardware, raw YUV or compressed video.
  • AVFoundation Graphs and CoreMediaIO plugin integration.
  • Attractive User Interface development.