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  1. Glad to see you’re still at this. I decided to give one of the recent linuxtv mercurial builds a try with my HVR-950Q. Things worked much better watching LiveTV with MythTV and switching back and forth from analog to digital. The analog picture and sound was also much better since the last time I tinkered. I then decided to schedule a few back-to-back analog then digital recordings. That is when my old friends decided to show up in the syslog a few minutes into the third recording (second analog recording in the series):

    Dec 16 21:01:21 stan kernel: ALSA sound/usb/usbaudio.c:354: frame 0 active: -18

    Dec 16 21:30:15 stan kernel: recv_control_msg() Failed receiving control message, error -110.

    Dec 16 21:31:14 stan kernel: au8522_writereg: writereg error (reg == 0xa4, val == 0x0020, ret == -5)
    Dec 16 21:32:26 stan kernel: au8522_writereg: writereg error (reg == 0x106, val == 0x0001, ret == -5)

    and so on and I had to reboot to correct the problem. Has there been any more progress on the HVR-950Q? I’d really love to start using it.

  2. Well I finally managed to use ALSA (ALSA:hw:1,0) in MythTV instead of using the OSS emulation device (/dev/dsp1) and this seems to have done much better. My HVR-950Q is finally usable. Thanks very much for that!

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