Making progress…

Things are moving along – last night I issued PULL requests for the em28xx PAL VBI support, as well as some cleanups for the HVR-1600 ALSA support that Mauro asked for.

I also checked in the patches I referred to last week when doing cx88 testing with tvtime (testing with a PCTV 800i). There is still definitely a problem there with the cx88 VBI implementation that needs to be dug into, but I haven’t had time to do it yet.

I spent several hours over the weekend trying to get my new DVB-T generator working, but it had two different problems in the two machines I tried it in (both relatively new with clean OS builds). I am following up with Dektec technical support, but it’s going slower than I would have liked. I’ve got several different DVB-T related products that are blocked on having the generator, so I am quite motivated to get it working as quickly as possible.

With the holiday upon us, there will likely be a bit of a lull in posts over the next week or so. Family obligations, Christmas shopping, etc.

3 thoughts on “Making progress…

    • Hi Andrea,

      Yeah, the generator I picked up actually is the DTA-110T. In this case, the problem is not with the creation of sample MPEG streams, but rather getting the card to work at all (driver issues).

      Thanks though,


      • you mean driver under linux, i suppose..

        we are using debian 32 and they work pretty well for us.
        let me tell you that there’s anyway a big fatty user level library for COFDM modulation (IIRC named libdtapi) as the OFDM modulation is computed in user level mainly. (and it’s a fairly heavy process. it takes 40% of a core of our 4 cores intel cpu)

        some time ago we asked for a 64bit version but i don’t know if they released it in the meantime as we lost the interest to switch to 64bit kernel. too few testers in the general community! 😉


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