HVR-900 R2 and PCTV 330e support upstream

After sitting in a public KernelLabs tree for almost 13 months, I finally got around to merging the Micronas DRX-D driver upstream, so now DVB support for the PCTV 330e and HVR-900 R2 are in the upstream kernel (for 2.6.40). So if you’ve been using the KernelLabs HG tree (which required considerable modification to work… Read More

Em28xx PAL VBI

With the HVR-1600 ALSA stuff completed and being validated, I switched over to wrapping up the outstanding em28xx VBI support for PAL. Since I do not have access to a teletext signal here in the United States, I have taken a two-phase approach to adding the support. Phase 1 involves local validation using a well-defined… Read More

Various DVB-T patches

Spent Sunday afternoon at Michael Krufky’s house making use of his DVB-T generator. Identified a regression in the HVR-900 driver where the first tune would succeed and then all subsequent tunes would fail: http://kernellabs.com/hg/~dheitmueller/hvr-900-tuning-fix Brought online support for the HVR-900 R2, which many people have been clamoring for quite a while: http://kernellabs.com/hg/~dheitmueller/hvr-900-r2 A pull request… Read More