State of WinTV-Aero-m & ATSC-MH support in Linux

As of the release of Linux Kernel 3.1, Hauppauge’s WinTV-Aero-m is fully supported for use with both ATSC and DVB-T, using the new MFE framework within dvb-usb to represent two frontends on a single DVB adapter. This makes the Aero-m the first semi-worldwide terrestrial digital television broadcast receiver to be supported under Linux. The device… Read More

mxl111sf / aero-m mercurial repo forward ported for Linux 3.x

For those wanting to test the mxl111sf driver for the WinTV-Aero-M but not willing to rebuild your kernel, there is good news for you! I have applied the minimal backports required to dvb-core and the dvb-usb framework to get the old mercurial repository building against Linux 3.x I had to disable all IR / remote stuff,… Read More

w_scan: fix ATSC channel scan xine dump for 8VSB & 16VSB

Back in 2008, I added support for ATSC scanning to w_scan. A few months later, maintainer of w_scan re-wrote a large portion of the code, and broke VSB support. The application outputs its Xine channel dump in an invalid format. Instead of specifying “8VSB” (or “16VSB”) the application would output “VSB_8” (or “VSB_16”) Needless to say, the fix was simple:

TDA18271 standby modes & hybrid tuner configuration fixes

Until now, we’ve been leaving the slave tuner output and clock outputs of the TDA18271 tuner enabled at all times, even while in standby mode. I’ve added a new configuration option to describe which output features are allowed to be disabled when the device enters low power standby mode. I’ve also fixed a major issue that only affects hybrid analog / digital tuner devices. After these changes, the driver will check for non-default settings at the time of attach, and ensure that that the appropriate configuration is set.

Hauppauge WinTV MiniStick & friends

I have been spending a lot of time fixing regressions in the sms1xxx driver caused as a result of the Siano developers forcing changes into the kernel without regression testing. As a result, I have decided to give up for now. If there are actually any users that depend on this driver to work properly, I have set aside a snapshot of the last revision known to work properly.